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Light burnt magnesia ball produced

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Light burnt magnesia ball produced

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Light burned magnesia ball

1 Scope

This standard stipulates the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, marking and quality certificate of light burnt magnesia ball.

This standard is applicable to light burnt magnesia balls for converter steelmaking and magnesium slagging in our company.

2 Normative Reference Documents

Provisions in the following documents are incorporated into the standard by reference to this standard. All subsequent amendments (excluding errors) or revisions to date-referenced documents do not apply to this standard. However, parties that have reached agreement under this standard are encouraged to use the latest version of these documents. The latest version of undated reference documents is used in this standard.

Method for chemical analysis of magnesia and magnesia-aluminium (aluminium-magnesium) refractories GB/T 5069.1-2001. Gravimetric method for the determination of ignition loss

Methods for chemical analysis of magnesia and magnesia-aluminium (aluminium-magnesium) refractories GB/T 5069.2-2001 Molybdenum blue photometric method for the determination of silicon dioxide content

Chemical analysis methods for magnesia and magnesia-aluminium (aluminium-magnesium) refractories GB/T 5069.11-2001 Complexometric titration method for the determination of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide content

Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Dense Formed Refractories at Room Temperature

Light burned magnesia ball

3 Technical Requirements

3.1 The chemical composition and physical properties of light burnt magnesia spheres shall conform to the requirements of the following table:


Chemical Constituents (%) SiO 2

MgO S Water Quality Inspection Index

Less than 3.50

More than 65

Spot check

Less than 1

3.2 Particle size requirements: 40-60 mm, of which less than 5 mm is not more than 5%.

Compressive strength: > 1.5 KN/unit

4 Testing methods and rules

.1 The test of burn reduction was carried out according to GB/T 5069.1-2001. 4.2 Chemical analysis is carried out in accordance with 2 normative references. 4.3 The test of pressure was carried out according to GB/T 5072-1985. 4.4 Particle size test of light burnt magnesia ball according to GB/T 2007 5 test rules

5.1 The Quality Inspection of Light Burned Magnesium Balls is the responsibility of the Quality Department. The quality department shall report the analysis results to the relevant units as soon as possible after receiving the samples.

5.2 batches: each batch of products does not exceed 500 tons;

5.3 Sampling should be no less than 15 kilograms per batch and should be equally sampled from each sample bag. 5.3 The quality inspection and acceptance of light burnt magnesia balls shall comply with the requirements of YB/T 5142. 6 Quality Inspection

6.1 The quality determination of light burnt magnesia ball is based on the conventional analysis results. 6.2 The quality determination of light burnt magnesia spheres is based on the chemical analysis results of each batch. 7 Certificate of Storage, Transportation and Quality

7.1 Light burnt magnesia balls are packed in polypropylene woven bags of 1 ton each, ensuring that the contents are not exposed and leaked, and indicating the name of the product and the name of the supplier; each batch must be accompanied by a quality certificate.

7.3 The chemical analysis report of the quality inspection department shall indicate the product name, inspection serial number, and inspection results, inspection date and inspector.


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