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Instructions for Light Burned Magnesium Balls

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Instructions for Light Burned Magnesium Balls

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Light burnt magnesia ball is made of ordinary light burnt magnesia powder, which is mixed and pressed. Light burnt magnesia ball is mainly used for converter steelmaking and slag splashing protection, which can improve the converter life. The preparation of lightly burned magnesia ball is to add 80% lightly burned magnesia powder to 20% water, then put it into a mixer for rolling, stirring, mixing for 15 to 20 minutes to form a mixture. The product is prepared by a belt conveyor and sent to a ball-pressing machine, and then stacked. The finished product of light burnt magnesia ball is dried in shade for 48 hours and forms strength for sale.

Light burnt magnesia ball is used as slag protection component regulator for slag splashing protection of converter. Because slag splashing protection requires proper viscosity and refractoriness of slag, reasonable slag composition is the key to implement slag splashing protection. Generally, slag can not be splashed directly. It needs to be adjusted by adding a certain amount of magnesia sphere. At the same time, it can replace dolomite to reduce slag volume and increase MgO content in slag.

Magnesium oxide is a high melting point mineral with a melting point of 2800 and the content of magnesium oxide in the slag increases, which makes the slag more viscous and fireproof. It is easier for the slag to be combined with the lining to form an effective slag protective layer on the lining, so as to improve the lining life and reduce consumption.

New products are industrial products which have developed rapidly in recent years. With its fire resistance, environmental protection and other advantages, it has won the favor of experts and scholars in the construction industry at home and abroad.

Among the new industrial materials, the most commonly used is "light burnt magnesia ball". Light burnt magnesia ball is made of magnesite, which is calcined by light burning reflection kiln, rotary kiln or fluidized bed furnace. The product is calcined uniformly, stable in quality, high in purity and good in activity. It can be widely used in chemical industry, refractory, building materials, desulfurization and other industries.

Light burnt magnesium balls are used to make refractories. In the United States and most of the consuming countries of magnesium products, the steel industry is the largest consuming industry. Light burnt magnesia spheres made from magnesite ore, sea water, salt lake or well salt are mainly used in the manufacture of refractory products for metallurgical furnaces. Light burnt magnesium spheres are widely used in various fields.

In short, with the development of new chemical industry, the raw material of light burnt magnesia ball will become a more hot demand target, and the wholesale quantity of light burnt magnesia ball will increase accordingly.

In addition, with the advent of autumn, the weather gradually cooled, until the cold winter, light burnt magnesia ball wholesale volume may rise slightly, light burnt magnesia ball prices will also increase, the specific trend remains to be observed.


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