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Calcined magnesia olive sand price

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Calcined magnesia olive sand price

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Olivine is the solid solution MgFe2SiO2 of magnesium olive (Mg2SiO4) and iron olive (Fe2SiO4), abbreviated as M2S. Its content is 80%-90%. The content of MgO is 37%-40%. The content of harmful impurities is very low, (Al2O3 + CaO) < 1.2% (FeO + FeO 3) < 10%. Hardness Mohs 6.5-7.0. The density is 3.2-3.6g/cm_.

The MgO content of calcined forsterite is higher.

General classification of olivine

Magnesium olivine has different chemical composition and uses because of different varieties.

Magnesium olivine can be roughly divided into three categories: magnesium-rich olivine, calcium-magnesium olivine and bitter amphibole.

Bitter amphibole:

M2S in raw ore has high mineral content, high hardness and very low harmful impurities affecting refractoriness. It can also be used as an additive for blast furnace ironmaking. It is a good refractory material after calcination.


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