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Application of Reburned Magnesium Powder

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Application of Reburned Magnesium Powder

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Magnesium reburned refers to magnesite calcined at 1800 C, carbon dioxide completely escaped, magnesium oxide formed a dense block of periclase, weighing magnesia (also known as sintered magnesia), this kind of reburned magnesia has a high refractory. Its main component is magnesia. Natural super magnesite ore is selected and calcined by flotation purification, light burning, fine grinding, high pressure balls and ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln.

Magnesium oxide is an alkaline oxide, which has the properties of alkaline oxide and belongs to cementitious material. White powder (light yellow magnesium nitride), odorless, odorless and non-toxic, is a typical alkaline earth metal oxide.

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