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Tundish Dry Material

Tundish Dry Material

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  • Date of release:2019/01/08
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Dry refractory is an amorphous refractory formed by vibration method without water or solid binder. Under the action of vibration, the material can form a compact and uniform whole. When heated, the thermosetting binder is used as ceramic sintering agent. To produce strength, dry materials are made up of refractory aggregates, powders, sinters, and additives.

In order to further improve the service life of refractories for working lining and permanent lining of tundish, improve the quality of steel and meet the requirements of environmental protection, we have studied and developed environmental friendly dry-type tundish material. Its characteristics are strong slag corrosion resistance, no stimulating gas produced during baking, which is conducive to environmental protection. In the process of using, molten steel does not increase carbon, chlorine, and can clean copper water. This material has been used in many countries. The effect is remarkable when used in steel works.



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