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Magnesia carbon brick

Magnesia carbon brick

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Magnesium-carbon bricks with high melting point alkaline oxide magnesia (melting point 2800 c) and high melting point carbon materials which are difficult to be invaded by slag are used as raw materials, adding various non-oxide additives, and using carbon binders to form unburned composite refractories. Magnesium-carbon bricks are mainly used in converters. AC arc furnace, DC arc furnace lining, ladle slag line and other parts.

As a kind of composite refractory, magnesia-carbon brick effectively utilizes magnesia's strong slag erosion resistance, high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion of carbon, and compensates for the biggest shortcoming of magnesia's poor spalling resistance.

Its main characteristics are:

1. It has good high temperature resistance.

2. Strong slag resistance

3. Good thermal shock resistance

4. Low temperature.



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