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Fused magnesia

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Fused magnesia

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Fused magnesia products are characterized by complete structure, compact structure, high melting point (up to 2800 degrees), stable chemical performance, high strength, strong insulation, erosion resistance and corrosion resistance. It is the main raw material of Metallurgical Building materials, light industry, lining and bulk materials, and also an indispensable important refractory for steel, cement glass and non-ferrous metal smelting industry. Fused magnesia can be mainly used as gunning material.

Fused magnesia is mainly used for gunning, ramming and other auxiliary refractories and special refractory bricks such as steel mouth bricks, magnesia bricks, magnesia chrome bricks. It can also be used in vacuum and non-vacuum induction furnaces. It is an ideal material for making magnesia crucibles and various high temperature sleeves.



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