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Forsterite sand

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Forsterite sand

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Olivine sand is made from pure peridotite by calcination, mechanical processing and screening.

Brass, bronze, aluminium and magnesium are new special moulding materials, which have characteristics compared with traditional 70 sand and quartz sand.

(1) Good thermal conductivity. The thermal expansion is slow and uniform, not sandy.

There is no free sio, no harm of silica sand, no Co gas produced during casting, and the production environment is good.

(3) High refractoriness (1710). Strong corrosion resistance to metal oxides. It can effectively prevent chemical and mechanical viscosities of castings. Good surface quantity and accurate size of castings. High qualified rate.

(4) High recovery. Because of its high melting point and stable chemical properties, magnesia olive sand has a lot of corrosion resistance to iron oxides and alkaline slag. Easy to recycle, can reduce production costs.



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