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Use of light burned magnesium powder


Light burned magnesium powder is a kind of bending resistant, pressure resistant, high strength, gas hardening and cementing material, which is widely used in national defense, medicine, chemical industry, paper making, shipbuilding and other industries. Light burned magnesium powder can be used in the building materials industry to make tire boards, particleboards, thermal insulation columns, railings, artificial marble, asbestos tiles, ordinary tiles, wallboards, and flooring. With the progress of science and technology, the use of calcined magnesia powder is more extensive. It can be used as civil products, light and heavy machinery packaging boxes, packaging bottom beams, high-temperature refractory materials, and also can be used to make beautiful and bright furniture. In the machinery industry, it can be used to cast models.

Light burned magnesium is widely used in building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, medicine and other fields. It is an ideal material for the production of fireproof boards, light partition boards, magnesium sulfate, paper making, sulfur removal process, slag splashing in steel furnace protection, etc.


Magnesite, brucite and magnesium hydroxide extracted from seawater or brine are calcined at about 800~1000 ℃ to decompose and discharge CO2 or H2O, and then light burnt magnesium powder, also known as light burnt magnesium oxide, caustic magnesium oxide or light burnt magnesium powder, is obtained. Light calcined magnesia powder has loose texture and high chemical activity, which can be used to manufacture magnesium cement, magnesite building materials, thermal insulation materials, etc., and is also an intermediate product of the two-step calcination method to produce high-quality magnesia.

Light burned magnesium powder is widely used. Chemical industry is used as raw material for the production of magnesium sulfate, magnesium nitrate, magnesium hydroxide and magnesium chloride. The building materials industry is used to make magnesium movable houses, substitute wooden packing boxes, magnesium floor tiles, magnesium corrugated tiles, magnesium decorative plates, etc.


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