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Standard for Light Burned Magnesium Balls at Bagang


The magnesium balls of Bagang are basically prepared with solid waste as the main raw material. The characteristics of its raw materials limit the composition of the magnesium balls it produces. In order to standardize the production process of magnesium balls, realize the effective use of solid waste and optimize the steelmaking process of the converter, the following standards are formulated according to the production conditions of the main suppliers of magnesium balls supplied by Bagang;

Technical requirements

The chemical composition and physical properties of the light burned magnesium ball shall comply with the provisions of the following table:

SiO2 MgO Al2O3 C+S+P moisture ≤ 8.0 ≥ 45.00 ~ 35

No requirement ≤ 1.00

Particle size requirement: 20~50mm, in which the powder rate less than 5mm is not more than 5%; Compressive strength: ≥ 980KN/piece, the site measurement shall be subject to the free fall from a height of 3 meters to the cement floor without fragmentation. 3.3 Each batch of products shall not exceed 500 tons, and must be sampled and tested once; 3.4 Each batch of samples shall not be less than 15kg and shall be evenly sampled from various bags.

The quality inspection and acceptance of light burned magnesium ball shall comply with the provisions of YB/T 5142.

The light burned magnesium balls are packed in polypropylene woven bags, each of which is 1 ton, to ensure that the contents are not exposed and leaked, and the product name and supplier name are marked; Each batch must be accompanied by a quality certificate.

The main basis for formulating the above standards is as follows

1) Technical standards and purchase prices of sister enterprises

2) Function and orientation of magnesium sphere

3) The quality level that major manufacturers can achieve



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