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Introduce light burnt magnesia ball for you

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Introduce light burnt magnesia ball for you

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After using this product, the furnace life is close to 20,000 boilers, and the operation rate of converter reaches 97%. West Germany, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions are implementing this process. Many iron and steel enterprises in China are also actively developing slag splashing process to adapt to their own, including Taiyuan Iron and Steel, Chengdu Iron and Steel, Chongqing Iron and Steel, Masteel, etc. Since the adoption of slag splashing process, the maximum furnace life has been increased to 1500, 500, 700, 1100 to 12000, 1500, 8500, 10200, respectively. Great economic benefits have been achieved.

Light burnt magnesia ball

Light burnt magnesia ball is used as slag protection component regulator for slag splashing protection of converter. Because slag splashing protection requires proper viscosity and refractoriness of slag, reasonable slag composition is the key to implement slag splashing protection. Generally, slag can not be splashed directly. It needs to be adjusted by adding a certain amount of magnesia sphere. At the same time, it can replace dolomite to reduce slag volume and increase MgO content in slag.

Because MgO is a high melting point mineral, the melting point is 2800 C, and the content of MgO in the slag is increased, the slag viscosity and refractoriness are increased. It is easier for the slag to be combined with the lining to form an effective slag protective layer on the lining, so as to improve the lining life and reduce consumption.

The company adopts the most advanced production equipment and technology of light burnt magnesia ball to provide customers with real confidence in light burnt magnesia ball products, the company sincerely invites people from all walks of life to come to discuss and cooperate.

Every charge has a "charge center". If the relative position of the positive and negative charge centers is expressed by "+" and "one", then the molecules overlapping the positive and negative charge centers are called non-polar molecules, and the non-overlapping molecules are called polar molecules. The positive and negative charge centers in a molecule have a charge of Q and a distance of L. The product of the two is called the dipole distance p--P.

The strength of light-burnt magnesia sphere depends on the effect of internal structural force of light-burnt magnesia sphere. Theoretically, the formation process of the strength of light burnt magnesia spheres is mainly physical and chemical processes. The physical process of light burnt magnesia ball is extruded by mixing light burnt magnesia powder with water. The diameter of lightly burned magnesia powder is about 0.074 mm, and it has molecular or crystal structure in physics.

Based on a large number of experimental and theoretical studies, it is shown that there is an interaction between charge and charge. The same charge repels each other and the different charge attracts each other. It is shown that there is an interaction force between two point charges, which is proportional to the product of the two point charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two point charges. There are equal positive and negative charges in the unit crystal of light-burnt magnesia powder.

There is always a dipole in a moment, which is called an instantaneous dipole. Intermolecular forces are related to the polarity of molecules, which are generally electrically neutral. Because the positive charge and the negative charge in the molecule are equal.


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