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Direct Sale of Light Burned Magnesium Balls from Final Slag of High Quality Converter

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Direct Sale of Light Burned Magnesium Balls from Final Slag of High Quality Converter

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Direct Sale of Light Burned Magnesium Balls from Final Slag of High Quality Converter

Converter final slag modifier has good melting performance and good reactivity, and can react with high temperature liquid slag rapidly. After melting, the content of MgO in slag is obviously increased. Compared with light burning magnesia ball and magnesia dolomite, converter final slag modifier has strong slag adjusting ability, good slag hanging performance after slag adjusting, shorten slag splashing protection time, reduce the number of converter protection, and improve converter working efficiency.

The lining of converter is made of magnesia-carbon bricks. The erosion of lining in different parts of the converter is uneven during blowing. Besides strengthening the maintenance operation of lining, preventive and maintainable lining must be carried out. One of the main measures to prolong the lining life of converter is to prevent slag splashing by using converter end slag modifier. The physical and chemical properties of the converter final slag modifier are stable, the slag adjusting ability is strong, the slag hanging performance of the modifier after slag adjusting is good, and it has strong bonding performance with the converter lining.

High quality converter end slag light burning magnesium ball production direct marketing.

For you to analyze the preparation of traditional light burnt magnesia ball

The traditional preparation of lightly burned magnesia ball is to add 80% lightly burned magnesia powder into the binder, then put it into the mixer for rolling, stirring and mixing for 15 to 20 minutes to form the mixture. The product is prepared by the belt conveyor and sent to the ball press, and then stacked. The finished product of light burnt magnesia ball is dried in shade for 48 hours and forms strength for sale.

This kind of magnesia ball is common in steel enterprises in the northeast and coastal areas, because there are rich magnesite resources in the northeast and brucite in the coastal areas. Especially in some chemical enterprises, the residue after chlorine gas preparation by electrolysis is basically an industrial waste, which can be prepared into magnesia ball with low price and good quality. The ranking of magnesia ball is higher, and it can reach more than 65%.

In addition, the content of MgO in the spheres used by other enterprises is basically between 45% and 65%.


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