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Supply of High Quality Light Burned Magnesium Balls

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Supply of High Quality Light Burned Magnesium Balls

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Main Uses of Products: Light-fired magnesia ball is a new material for converter steelmaking and slagging, which is made of light-fired magnesia powder as raw material and pressed into ball. Light burnt magnesia ball is mainly used as slag protection component regulator for slag splashing protection of converter. Because of slag splashing

The slag is required to have proper viscosity and refractoriness.

The company operates light burnt magnesia powder, light burnt magnesia ball, quality assurance, welcome to consult and discuss.

Because of the continuous improvement and innovation of refractory industry technology over the years, it has won the recognition of foreign markets. Therefore, many suppliers of light burnt magnesia balls have chosen to export light burnt magnesia balls to foreign markets in order to achieve better development. Next, the company will give you a brief analysis of how to improve the export of light burnt magnesia ball suppliers.

The export quota policy has its rationality. However, with the technological progress and the continuous development of Salt Lake brine, seawater, dolomite and serpentine resources, the output and quality of chemically synthesized magnesium oxide have been continuously improved. It is urgent to develop the international market. Simple export quota management has greatly limited this reasonable demand. So how to improve China's export policy of light burnt magnesia balls?

Firstly, classified management of calcined magnesia and synthetic magnesia is carried out, and export codes of light calcined magnesia spheres and light calcined magnesia powder are added. Due to the scarcity of magnesite resources and its important strategic position, the abolition of export quota policy of magnesia is not conducive to the protection of magnesite resources and environment. It is suggested that calcined magnesia and synthetic magnesia should be classified and managed, export codes should be added, and separate export codes should be used for synthetic magnesia with high added value. It is not only no longer imposed export quota restrictions, but also encouraged export to generate foreign exchange and realize sustainable utilization of Salt Lake and seawater resources.

Light burned magnesia ball

Second, reform the tendering policy of export quotas for suppliers of light burnt magnesia balls and powder. Export quota bidding policy gave birth to quota reselling industry, damaged the order of export market, and restricted the export of synthetic magnesium oxide which should be encouraged. It is suggested that the mining resource tax, sewage discharge fee and export tariff of magnesite should be raised to replace the quota bidding policy of magnesia export. On the one hand, these control policies can also control the excessive export of calcined magnesia and the loss of resources, while synthetic magnesia can be produced without magnesite, thus realizing the differential treatment of synthetic magnesia; on the other hand, resource tax, sewage discharge fee and export tariff are internationally recognized general policies, and these policies will not violate the WTO operational rules. Then.

Thirdly, light burnt magnesia ball production enterprises need to speed up technological development. On the one hand, light-burned magnesia ball production enterprises improve the utilization efficiency of various magnesium resources through technological progress, and gradually reduce the dependence of magnesia production on magnesite resources; on the other hand, they continue to develop various new-use, high-functionality, high value-added magnesia products, improve market competitiveness, extend the industrial chain downstream of magnesia, and reduce the direct export of low-end magnesia products.



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