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Magnesium 60 Light Burned Magnesium Balls

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Magnesium 60 Light Burned Magnesium Balls

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The company supplies light burnt magnesia ball, model 60. The parameters are: model / specification * 60, product grade * other, category * other. Quality assurance, welcome consultation and negotiation.

Light burnt magnesia ball under new technology

Light burnt magnesia ball is made of ordinary light burnt magnesia powder, which is mixed and pressed. Light burnt magnesia ball is mainly used for converter steelmaking and slag splashing protection, which can improve the converter life. The preparation of lightly burned magnesia ball is to add 80% lightly burned magnesia powder to 20% water, then put it into a mixer for rolling, stirring, mixing for 15 to 20 minutes to form a mixture. The product is prepared by a belt conveyor and sent to a ball-pressing machine, and then stacked. The finished product of light burnt magnesia ball is dried in shade for 48 hours and forms strength for sale.

Light burnt magnesia ball is used as slag protection component regulator for slag splashing protection of converter. Because slag splashing protection requires proper viscosity and refractoriness of slag, reasonable slag composition is the key to implement slag splashing protection. Generally, slag can not be splashed directly. It needs to be adjusted by adding a certain amount of magnesia sphere. At the same time, it can replace dolomite to reduce slag volume and increase MgO content in slag.

Magnesium oxide is a high melting point mineral with a melting point of 2800 and the content of magnesium oxide in the slag increases, which makes the slag more viscous and fireproof. It is easier for the slag to be combined with the lining to form an effective slag protective layer on the lining, so as to improve the lining life and reduce consumption.

However, the quality of light-burnt magnesia balls on the market is uneven. From the choice of raw materials for light-burnt magnesia balls, to the production and processing of products, to transportation and sales, the pace of progress of each company is inconsistent, leading to customers and enterprises can not maximize the benefits. Some products produced by the old production line of light burnt magnesia ball without modification have low pelletizing rate. After the raw materials are processed by ball pressing machine, half are products and half are powder particles, which need to be manually returned to ball pressing machine to continue processing; the sphere is loose. Low density, low strength, easy to break. Especially when loading, unloading, transportation, extrusion and falling, the sphere is prone to break up and the shape of the sphere is incomplete. Some are hemispheres, some are one-third of the ball, some are missing angles, different shapes, dull surface, poor appearance image; users are not satisfied. In the products sold, there are 20% - 35% small particles and powder mixtures, which users have repeatedly raised objections to; the most important thing is to increase the cost of customers and serious damage to the life of converter lining. Due to the loose, low density and low strength of lightly burned magnesium spheres, the spheres are liable to break up during loading, unloading, transportation, extrusion and drop. Therefore, when the light burnt magnesia ball is fed into the steelmaking furnace and has not yet contacted with molten steel, part of the broken particles and powder particles are sucked out by the strong negative pressure of the exhaust system on the top of the converter, collected by the electrostatic precipitator in the chimney and treated separately as waste, which results in the following three results: increasing the damage degree of the lining of the converter, increasing the damage degree of the exhaust system equipment, and increasing the damage degree of the exhaust system equipment. Consumption of lightly burned magnesia spheres per ton of steel.

Light burned magnesia ball

Located in "China Magnesium Capital", light burnt magnesia balls are manufactured by strict selection of high-quality raw materials from the source, strict formulation according to customer requirements under the careful guidance of engineers and strict operation of workers through a series of processes (weighing, water mixing, conveying to the compactor, then conveying to the ball press, natural drying of the ball). Huayi has always been relying on scientific and technological innovation to produce first-class products and constantly improve them.

At present, the light-burnt magnesia ball produced by the process improvement has reached the high-end level in the industry. Compared with the light-burnt magnesia ball produced by the company without process improvement, after years of operation and production, the practice shows that the transformation not only improves the level of mechanization and automation of the light-burnt magnesia ball production line, but also improves the production environment, reduces the labor intensity and improves the labor production. Rate. At the same time, the existing problems before the transformation have also been significantly improved, and the surface quality of products has been significantly improved. The spheroidizing rate of magnesium spheres increased from 50% before transformation to 85%-90% after transformation; the density of magnesium spheres also increased; the drum index of the structural strength of magnesium spheres increased from 30%-45% before transformation to 64%-68% after transformation, which has exceeded 58% of the standard drum index. Especially when loading, unloading, transportation, extrusion and falling, the sphere did not break up obviously, and the users did not raise any objection because of the surface quality of light burnt magnesia sphere.

It can be seen that light burnt magnesia ball products not only need to have strict internal quality, but also need to pay attention to the appearance quality of products, and pay more attention to the strength requirements of products. Only enough product strength can have perfect appearance quality.

Continuously improve their own processes, improve product quality, reduce production costs, and strive to maximize the interests of customers and enterprises. The company also developed products according to the needs of steel mills are light-burned magnesia spheres and magnesia-carbon spheres using the principle of oxygen-carbon reaction to reduce the content of iron oxide in slag and the saturated solubility of magnesia, so that both refractoriness and viscosity in slag can meet the conditions of furnace protection. Therefore, carbon is increased in light-burned magnesia spheres, that is, magnesia-carbon spheres.


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