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What ingredients do light burnt magnesium balls contain?

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What ingredients do light burnt magnesium balls contain?

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Light burnt magnesia ball is made from industrial magnesia and refractory kaolin by scientific formula, forming and calcination at high temperature.

It has high mechanical strength and long service life.

t has good chemical stability and does not react with materials.

High temperature resistance, the highest heat resistance temperature of fireproof ceramic ball can reach 1900 degrees.

It is especially suitable for high and low temperature converter, converter, hydrogenation converter, desulfurization tank and methanation furnace in chemical fertilizer plant. It can disperse gas and liquid, support, cover and protect catalyst. Light burnt magnesia ball can also be used in hot blast stove and heating conversion equipment in iron and steel industry.

Light-burned magnesia spheres are divided into ordinary light-burned magnesia spheres and high-magnesium light-burned magnesia spheres. The ordinary light-burned magnesia spheres are suitable for converters and converters in sulphuric acid and fertilizer industries. The high-magnesium light-burned magnesia spheres are suitable for hot blast stoves and heating converters in urea, steel and other industries.

Light burned magnesia ball

Selection of calcination method and control of light-burning temperature are important means to obtain good activity. With the increase of calcination temperature, the specific surface area of MgO decreases significantly. The recrystallization rate of MgO increases, the dispersion decreases sharply and the activity decreases when the temperature is higher than 1000 C. Different calcination methods and equipment at the same temperature are also important factors affecting MgO activity. If calcined in fluidized bed furnace and suspension furnace, it can decompose rapidly in an instant, and the lightly burned magnesia powder with the greatest activity can be obtained. Using tunnel kiln and reflective kiln as large blocks, the calcination time is long, and the surface is often overburned while the interior is burned, which will reduce the activity of light-burned magnesia powder. When calcining granular magnesite in rotary kiln, the situation is between the two, and the activity of light-burned magnesia powder can also be maintained.

Light burnt magnesia powder is a kind of raw material with medium basicity and chemical activity. It is used in other industrial fields besides refractory and cementitious materials. In addition, the development of converter slag splashing technology has further expanded the application scope of light burning magnesia powder. At present, the slag splashing technology mostly uses light-burned magnesia powder as pellets, such as light-burned magnesia powder pellets, carbon-containing light-burned magnesia pellets and carbon-containing calcium-containing light-burned magnesia pellets.

With the continuous development and expansion of the company and the promotion of its popularity at home and abroad, the company can no longer go further by relying on the original technology and production technology and conditions. Only by relying on science and technology, and transforming advanced science and technology into productive forces, constant reform and innovation, and enriching and occupying the market with new technologies, processes and materials with high technology content and great added value, can the company be in the refractory industry. Always in an invincible position; only new high-tech products can bring new vitality and vitality to enterprises. "To provide customers with first-class products and value-added services" as their responsibility, with advanced technology and strict management for successive years to achieve the product "factory pass rate 100%, customer satisfaction rate 100%. In the past few years, the products not only sell well in major domestic iron and steel enterprises, but also export to Japan, the United States, Russia, Korea, Korea, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


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